Husco to expand Waukesha HQ

Husco is adding 20,800 sq. ft. to its Waukesha, WI, headquarters to create an innovative, high-tech environment.

Milwaukee Business News,

HQ expansion renderingHQ expansion renderingHusco International Inc. is planning a 20,800-square-foot addition to its Waukesha headquarters, with more than 10% of the current facility also undergoing a renovation, according to plans submitted to the city.

The Waukesha–based company, which develops and manufactures hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls, has a 243,000-sq.-ft. facility. The addition would include offices, training space, a work café and a new outdoor patio.

HQ expansion renderingHQ expansion rendering“The goal is to provide an innovative high-tech environment, aligned with Husco’s culture and products, intended to attract and retain top talent and create a collaborative environment, with greater functionality within and between departments,” according to a project statement.

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