Bucher CFS-flat Pipe-Rupture Valve

The CFS-flat pipe-rupture valve prevents uncontrolled lowering of an actuator in the event of a pipe- or hose-rupture.

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Bucher Hydraulics introduces the excavator pipe-rupture valve CFS-flat.

  • Brings CFS (Compact Flow Control and Safety Valve) technology into a flat design
  • Prevents uncontrolled lowering of actuator in the event of a pipe- or hose-rupture
  • Holds actuator in its position when main valve is centered
  • For use wherever so required by the standards ISO 8643, EN 474 and DIN 24093 for excavators with a lifting device (e.g. a load hook on the bucket)
  • Can be used on machines in which a pipe-rupture on the actuators could produce a dangerous situation (e.g. machines for materials handling and demolition)
  • Includes secondary pressure-relief function which protects actuator against overload
  • Inlet and actuator ports are standard SAE flanged ports, allowing retrofitting to existing equipment
  • Load-independent, pilot operated design
  • Variations in load pressure – even right up to the maximum – have no effect on fine-metering characteristics and hydraulic performance
  • Permits operation via small lowering pressures
  • Maximum flow rate of 350 lpm (92.5 gpm)
  • Maximum operating pressure of 420 bar (6091.6 psi)
  • Low hysteresis enables constant calibration
  • No dynamic seals in the main spool and in the pressure-relief valve
  • Valve adjustment is integrated into hydraulic circuit which ensures excavator pipe-rupture function has no effect on hydraulic values already been set in the machine
  • Features long service life and ability to use under varying operating conditions
  • Crawler and wheel excavators are among the common machine applications in which the valve can be used

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