The Future of Your World

While at the National Fluid Power Association's annual Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC), TriCorps Technologies' founding partner Scott Klososky gave an insightful, if not mind-boggling look into the likely future of technology and the integrated role (literally) it will play in our lives.

Klososky navigated through how connectivity has evolved and where it's heading, from Web 1.0 (the internet and the emergence of eCommerce) connecting people to products, to Web 2.0 (social networks) connecting people to people, to our current status at Web 3.0 (the Internet of Things) connecting devices.

We stand at the precipice of Web 4.0 (machine learning) as we learn how to manage and analyze the flood of data and turn it into usable, actionable information. So what's next? According to Klososky, Web 5.0 will be augmented humanity wherein humans take the intelligent technology systems and integrate them in some way to enhance their capabilities physically and intellectually.

That may take things one step further than what is relevant for the off-road vehicle industry, but as the industry dives into the deep end of machine learning and intelligent vehicles, it's a fun exercise to envision the industry one step beyond that. But really, are we that far off?

Many OEMs already use virtual reality (VR) simulation for operator training to improve jobsite safety and develop customers into more efficient machine operators before putting them in the driver seat.

And, VR is also being used during the design phase. CNH Industrial's design engineers are able to upload a 3D CAD model onto a screen, and by simply wearing 3D glasses or a VR helmet, the engineer can step into their design and see it from some unique points of view. Learn more about the industry's current use of VR and AR in Sara Jensen's article, "Simulated Reality Brings Real-World Results," at 

The future is likely much closer than we realize, and it is vital to remain vigilant about evaluating the opportunities of this future to ensure your business isn't reacting to change, but is the one making the change.

Want more insights into the future of the industry? Stay tuned for our upcoming State of the Industry October issue with exclusive one-on-one interviews with the industry's leaders and visionaries.