Confindustria President Comments on Impacts of Trump Election, Italian Referendum on Ag Industry

During EIMA 2016, Confindustria President Boccia expressed his hopes the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. and upcoming Italian constitution referendum will not negatively impact the agricultural industry.

The Confindustria President, Vincenzo Boccia, commented at the EIMA 2016 exposition saying, “This is an important event, a decisive trade fair for the Italian industry in the sector which exports 75% of what they produce to mirror what there is in Italy and its great potential. My presence is an act of recognition and respect for our FederUnacoma presided over by Massimo Goldoni and all the Italian entrepreneurs present here to take active part in the life of the federation.”

Confindustria is the main association in Italy representing manufacturing and service companies.

Moving on to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, Boccia said, “America is a big democratic country and voted in its president and I hope that indications of protectionism do not prevail in American economic policy for the interests of the United States, Europe and Italy.”

Boccia also took a look at the referendum on changing the Italian constitution coming up December 4th. “Our idea on the referendum is to stick with the issues and understand that it can be a factor for modernizing the country, as we believe, compared to a victory for the no vote. According to us, a referendum yes will make governments more stable, resulting in consensus on medium-term economic policy, settling the state-regions conflict and make democratic representational also for dissidents, a great value for a country like ours.”

Answering questions on conditions in the agricultural sector, the Confindustria president noted, “Agricultural is in crisis as an industry. The trend averages in the sector are no longer significant because there are enterprises which work very well that those less well. We have to read the data in a much more analytic way than in the past. Agriculture can be considered more ‘in the supply chain’ compared to industry. Tomorrow we have SMP (Small Medium Enterprises) Day on a Confindustria initiative to involve some cities and set up collaboration with Confagricolture. This is a signal that ‘a system’ can be created.”