EIMA 2018 to be a Truly Global Event

Visitors from 150 countries are expected, as well as official delegations from 70 countries.


The 2018 edition of EIMA International is the great exposition covering mechanization in agriculture, forestry, livestock raising, groundskeeping and associated components coming up in Bologna for a run from November 7-11, certain to confirm the international reach of the review.

Industries exhibiting are coming from 49 countries and visitors taking part are expected from around the world following the 2016 edition when business people from 150 countries attended the exposition. To accommodate the crowds of visitors, which reached 285,000 for the most recent edition, FederUnacoma, the Italian Machinery Manufacturers Federation, has planned such services as making interpreters available and business meetings, communications and information notes in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. In his setting, FederUnacoma and ICE, the Italian Trade Agency, have given special importance to planning programs for the encounters for the 400 business people representing 70 countries selected by the ICE offices. The largest delegations are arriving from 20 Asian countries, from Japan to Saudi Arabia and Indonesia and Pakistan.

The FederUnacoma International Office reported that the overall program calls for a full schedule of business-to-business encounters for representatives from exhibiting manufacturers to facilitate comparisons between demand and supply offers. The business meetings will be based on the interests of the business people in machinery in precise merchandise categories to facilitate the work of buyers and suppliers. During the 2016 exposition, the number of these meetings came to 3,000 held in the roomy hall allocated in the trade fair quarters on the Pavilion 25-26 Mezzanine.

Also planned are days dedicated to a number of special markets: Tuesday Nov. 6 for the Balkans, Wednesday, Nov. 7 for a focus on Asia and Thursday for Sub Saharan Africa. The full immersion for the delegations from abroad will include time for follow ups and welcoming plus a designated dinner organized in the prestigious setting of the Re Enzo Palace in the Bologna historic center.