New Technologies Competition at EIMA to Highlight Latest Agricultural Innovations

The technologies entered in the competition reach across all compartments, from tractors to implements and components.


Brand new innovative technologies will be debuted in the New Technologies competition, a fixture which attracts great interest within the EIMA International exposition in Bologna scheduled for November 7-11.The prize winners will be put on display in the Foursided Arch area in the center of the trade fair grounds following their careful evaluation by academic figures and technicians on a commission in the field and their selections within the ample sphere of technologies of the totally new products entered by the exhibiting industries.

For the upcoming exposition a large number of products have been selected: 28 awards for New Technologies named for devices with outstanding innovative characteristics; 45 Technical Honorable Mention for solutions distinguished for efficiency and capabilities for improving the performances of agricultural machinery. Then there is the Premi Blu award assigned  for technologies distinguished for their features of eco-compatibilities and sustainability of the environment. From hybrid tractors and new concept implements for soil preparation, automatic driving assistance systems, controls for the management of machinery and on to totally new electronic devices for 4.0 agriculture are the prize winning technologies with a dual value of contributing in a relevant way to technical and scientific progress in agricultural mechanization and providing the general public with very real and practical solutions. 

Davide Gnesini in the FederUnacoma Technical Office coordinating work on the competition explained that, “The models appraised are not merely prototypes or future plans but innovations which have already been introduced in series production and for this reason will attract great interest for farmers, contractors and agricultural machinery technicians and also represent the proud satisfaction of the industries which created them.”

The first view of the New Technologies exhibition discloses the depth of the merchandise categories in the showcase of big machinery such as tractors, other machinery and accessories, compact products and some tiny items such as components and electronic and digital devices. In relation to the exhibition as such, the 2018 New Technologies competition is intended as an informative instrument of special interest for the general public, a system associated with increasing reality referring to activating an EIMA App which displays the New Technologies logo on columns describing each product through telephone access for efficient and interesting video views including more thorough information for understanding the machine and watching it in operation in its setting.