SANY India Announces Entry into Mining Market

At the International Mining & Machinery Exhibition, SANY India announced its entry into the mining segment with the launch of its new SRT55D Dump Truck.

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SANY India, a leading manufacturer of construction, heavy machinery and renewable equipment, announces its foray into the mining segment at the International Mining & Machinery Exhibition (IMME) 2016, held in Kolkata. The SRT55D Dump Truck was launched in the presence of one of the Top 5 SANY customers in the Southern region. With this announcement, the company also launched its SRT range of off-highway dump trucks in India. The new mining business unit will be headed by Dheeraj Panda, who is the BU Head and VP of Excavators at SANY India.

SANY SRT Series trucks are largely used in large surface mining sites for transportation of OB (overburden), coal, iron ore, limestone, bauxite, etc., and in quarry segments. These trucks come with six core features that have a unique competitive advantage and is fundamental to SANY's mining equipment range. The trucks are equipped with high-strength frames and are 20% stronger than any other product in the same category. It has a gross horsepower of 480 kW (650 hp) at 1,800 rpm and a payload capacity of 60 U.S tons (55 metric tons). SANY off-highway mining trucks are known for their safety, reliability, durability, comfort and cost effectiveness.

Commenting on the launch, Deepak Garg, CEO, SANY Heavy Industries Pvt. Ltd., said, "With our foray into the mining segment, we want to set new benchmarks for SANY India. SANY India will offer complete mining solutions and partner with big mining companies for end-to-end solutions. SANY has shown its commitment to the Indian market by announcing various investments across the country and is currently gearing up to realize this vision globally."

Commenting on the launch, Panda said, "We are excited to enter the mining sector in India. Since mining is a crucial segment adding significantly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, we believe there is a huge potential for us in this market. With the launch of our new world-class product range, we are confident in our ability to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the industry."

With the launch of the new SRT Series of off-highway dump trucks, SANY India will be offering mining solutions to the iron & coal, power, cement and construction industries. Currently, SANY will be importing these truck series as CBUs (Completely Built Units) from China. SANY aims to continuously innovate and design products that meet its customers' requirements and thus helps them in growing their businesses. The company will also introduce new solutions as per demand in the segment going forward.