Landscape and Snow Management Company Replaces Entire Snow Removal Fleet with SDLG Wheel Loaders

Gleason Johndrow Landscaping and Snow Management chose 12 SDLG wheel loaders for its snow removal needs, noting the value proposition of the machines and SDLG’s retail snow program.

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Gleason Johndrow Landscaping and Snow Management is based in Springfield, MA, U.S., and provides customers with professional year-round property maintenance, from initial consultation to final installation. During the winter months, Gleason offers snow removal and has recently come to rely on a fleet of SDLG wheel loaders to get the job done. Gleason Johndrow Landscaping And Snow Management Replaces Entire Snow Removal Fleet With Sdlg Wheel LoadersSDLG

Anthony Gleason, President of Gleason Johndrow Landscaping, says the company made a switch to SDLG after comparing the return on investment to used wheel loaders it had been purchasing. He says the used machines cost more money to repair and commission than brand-new SDLG wheel loaders that are ready for work and backed by a warranty.

“We’re extremely happy with our SDLG fleet,” Gleason says. “The value proposition for these new machines was very attractive and really sealed the deal for us.”

Snow removal is a significant part of Gleason Johndrow Landscaping’s winter business during the winter months. In addition to SDLG’s value proposition, the company pinpointed its wheel loaders for snow removal work due to their easy maintenance and maneuverability. It chose five SDLG L918F, compact wheel loaders that perform particularly well in tight working quarters such as parking lots and city streets. It also purchased seven L938F, a mid-sized loader that works well for a variety of landscaping applications.

“We recently had a snow storm and were very pleased with how our SDLG wheel loaders performed,” Gleason says. “Tyler Equipment steered us down the right path to get the greatest return out of our investments.”

Gleason Johndrow Landscaping’s relationship with SDLG dealer Tyler Equipment, based in East Longmeadow, MA, was crucial to the company’s choice of wheel loaders for its snow removal business. Tyler Equipment assessed the company’s snow removal needs and suggested the SDLG wheel loaders to help them become more profitable.

“We knew Gleason was using used machines that were costing them more money than an SDLG and wanted to help them save,” says Peter Gaj, sales representative at Tyler Equipment.

The L918F is a compact, 1.3 yd3 capacity loader that often competes with skid steers, offering a compact footprint with high maneuverability that doesn’t damage job site grounds. The L938F is a mid-size, front-end loader with a 2.5 yd3 bucket capacity. Both come backed by a premium warranty over the entire term of the lease.

“Tyler Equipment steered us down the right path to get the greatest return out of our investments and we couldn’t be happier with our SDLG Fleet,” Gleason says.