PRINOTH Collaborates with Streumaster to Design Off-Road Lime Spreader

To meet the needs of the application, Streumaster provided a wider and lower sized-container body while PRINOTH moved the machine cab forward to ensure visibility.

Streumaster Lime Spreader

PRINOTH announces a joint project with German-based company Streumaster to create a lime-spreader on rubber tracks with the highest performance available on the market in view of productivity and off-road performance. Back in September 2020, PRINOTH and Streumaster developed a 13- m3-sized lime-spreader on rubber tracks with the PANTHER T12 chassis as a base. This size is so far the largest on the market built on rubber tracks. 

Close collaboration, the key

In order to achieve this size of unit, the engineering teams at PRINOTH and Streumaster made some significant changes to their respective base units. The overall height had to remain under 3,188 mm high and the width could not exceed 2,700 mm as well as remain ROPS-certified. Streumaster provided a wider and lower sized-container body compared to their regular wheeled-lime spreaders in order to suit the off-road application. Moreover, PRINOTH moved the cab forward to keep the same stability levels but a lower overall height. Through tight-knit collaboration, the engineers produced a highly competitive solution that is quickly gaining in popularity.

Productivity Boost

“Similar track models are not able to reach the same volumes while maintaining stability and an extremely low ground pressure. Thanks to this great collaboration between PRINOTH and Streumaster, the final solution is almost 60% more productive and this will help customers stabilize soils all over the world with quicker cycle times,” commented Director of Sales for PRINOTH, Doug Little. “Working with Streumaster, a Wirtgen-system partner company, was stimulating for both engineering and sales. We had to think outside the box a little to overcome the constraints this project first posed. We are confident that the solution we are now introducing worldwide will enhance contractors’ capacity when it comes to laying lime in off-road situations.” 

On Streumaster’s side, this and all of their lime spreaders are exclusively offered through the Wirtgen dealer network worldwide. “When we first discussed this new development to be build on a rubber tracked carrier vehicle, we needed to consider all key aspects of soil stabilization. Typical jobsites in some countries, like Belgium, do not have enough bearing capacity to carry wheeled equipment. Achieving low ground pressure was one of the key aims. Second, the vehicle needed to be transportable on the road on a low bed truck, therefore, the vehicle’s overall height was another challenge. Consequently, the center of gravity also had to be lowered. This is important for the stability and safety when our customers work under difficult conditions, for example to prevent capsizing. Our third target was the delivery of the actual binding agent (calc). For our customers, it was a wish to get the truck with the lime back on the road as fast as possible. As the “waisted waiting time” is always very limited. Therefore, we needed a solution where the main truck could be emptied with three cycles (approximately 32T = 32 m3). This resulted in a 13 m3 spreader. In order to reach this, initially no manufacturer was able to offer us the required amount of space to build a 13 m3 lime-spreader and meet all previous named requirements. Prinoth proposed to shift their cabin forward. Moreover, Prinoth’s Panther T12 chassis design permitted this and it turned out to be THE ultimate solution to match all our customers’ requirements. The challenges mentioned above, together with the very high accuracy of Streumaster’s binder spreaders resulted in happy customers benefiting from a customised solution for very, sometimes extremely, rough jobsite conditions where no other lime-spreader can be used,” commented Mehdi Belkalem, Senior Commercial Technical Advisor of Wirtgen Belgium B.V. 

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