Sobratema Launches Construction Expo 2013

Sobratema has announced the launch of Construction Expo 2013, which will be the second edition of the International Trade Show of Building and Infrastructure Construction.

With a strong presence of business leaders and representatives of the various segments linked to the sector of construction, Sobratema officially launched Construction Expo 2013 - the 2nd International Trade Show of Building and Infrastructure Construction on August 9 in the city of São Paulo. The trade show, which is promoted by Sobratema - the Brazilian Association of Technology for Equipment and Maintenance - and will take place at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes from June 5 to 8, 2013, will assemble all the players in the construction business chain, including suppliers of services, materials and equipment, construction companies, contractors and sector associations.

The event that was held to launch the show also had the participation of Fernando Chucre, coordinator of the “Programa Serra do Mar” of the Company for Housing and Urban Development of the State of São Paulo (CDHU - Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional e Urbano do Estado de São Paulo) who represented Housing Department Secretary Silvio França Torres at the ceremony. Chucre emphasized the Housing Department’s support of Construction Expo 2013. He announced that the department’s participation will consist of the assembly of a Thematic Exhibit on sustainability where the most outstanding element will be the state government’s “Serra do Mar Program” which transfers inhabitants of areas of risk or dwellers of conservation areas in the Atlantic Mountain Range (Serra do Mar) of São Paulo to housing projects in several cities along the São Paulo shoreline.

During the event, Chucre presented details of the program. “It was already in our plans to partner with Sobratema since, in order to build housing project complexes, we have to intensify the degree of industrialization utilized in construction works, and we need to exchange experiences in this field with the private sector,” he explains.

In addition to the support provided by the government of the State of São Paulo, Construction Expo 2013 is backed by the country’s main construction companies and by associations which gather organizations that operate in several of the sector’s areas. “This goes to show the importance of the event and the role that it will play under the sector’s present status quo. Our aim in conceiving and promoting the only Brazilian trade show to assemble and integrate all the links in the construction business chain is to show the latest and most technologically advanced resources available in the sector and to debate the main issues involving trends that will leave their mark on the area of building and infrastructure construction in Brazil,” states Sobratema President Afonso Mamede.

The show takes place at a time of good prospects in the area of infrastructure since the recent measures announced by Brazil’s federal government indicate that there will be acceleration in the execution of construction works all over the country in preparation for the two major events scheduled for the next few years: the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. Evidence of this was the news that the Ministry of Transports is in the process of preparing what has been called the “PAC das Concessões” (Program for Acceleration of Growth via Concessions), scheduled to be announced by the government next week, which will offer to private enterprise concessions of some 5.7 thousand kilometers of highways and 5,000 kilometers of railways.

Another measure that reinforces the prevailing optimism regarding infrastructure works is a ‘package,’ which has been called “BR-Legal” that establishes calls for tenders totaling some R$4 billion (US $2.1 billion) in works to improve and implement roadway signage throughout the country.

With this as a backdrop, the organizers of Construction Expo 2013 assess that the show has everything going for it to establish itself as the reference for the construction business sector (a.k.a. ‘Construbusiness’), providing an ideal environment for doing business in the short, medium and long terms.    

Proof of interest in the trade show among the sector’s players is reflected in the reservation of exhibition space, which has already begun. According to show’s organizers, during the national launch of Construction Expo 2013, some 32% of the 40,000 m2 available for rental have already been reserved.


The Sobratema Congress – Buildings & Infrastructure Works will debate themes of the greatest importance to the sector of construction and will set the stage for dissemination of information and sharing of experiences between professionals and representatives of the sector’s main associations and companies. The event will be take place concurrently with Construction Expo 2013.

The Sobratema Congress, which is the result of the participation of national and international representative associations, construction companies, suppliers, universities and renowned professionals in the sector of construction, will have a wide ranging program on current themes, such as: technological development, safety and compliance, aligned with the sector’s major goals of quality and sustainability. 


Among the sector organizations that have confirmed their participation on the Board of Construction Expo 2013 are: ABCEM - Brazilian Association of Steel Construction, ABCIC – Brazilian Association of Industrialized Concrete Construction, ABIFER – Brazilian Rail Industry Association, ABRAMAT - Brazilian Association of the Building Materials Industry, ABRAVIDRO - Brazilian Association of Plate Glass Distributors and Processors, ABRASFE – Brazilian Association of Formwork and Shoring Companies, ANEPAC – Brazilian Construction Aggregate Producers Association, ANFACER - Brazilian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, ASFAMAS – Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Sanitation Materials, CBCS - Brazilian Council for Sustainable Construction, CTE - Center for Building Technology, DRYWALL - Brazilian Drywall Association, Carlos Alberto Vanzolini Foundation, IABr - Brazilian Steel Institute, IBRACON - Brazilian Concrete Institute, ENGINEERING INSTITUTE – SP, SINAENCO - National Union of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, SINDAREIA – Union of Sand Mining Companies of the State of São Paulo, SINDUSCON-SP - Union of the Civil Construction Industry of the State of São Paulo,  and SINICESP - Union of the Heavy Construction Industry of the State of São Paulo. 

Construction is one of the largest sectors in Brazil, with over 110,000 construction companies carrying out the construction of buildings and infrastructure all over the country. Presently, the sector accounts for over 14% of the nation’s GDP and 12 million jobs. According to studies performed and commissioned by Sobratema, Brazil will tally investments of some R $1.3 trillion (US $670 billion) in infrastructure, distributed among the segments of energy, transports, housing, sanitation, etc.