Techking Tires Collects Tire Performance Data

Techking Tires finds undgerground tires perform well in Cuban mine

Techking Tires' 29.5R25 ETADT (E4) tire achieved competitive CPH in an open pit Nickel mine in Cuba. Techking engineers and its partner visited the mine in June.
Per field data collected, the rear and middle tires (all Techking brand) have run 4,693 working hrs as of June, with 49% wear. The tires on the front axle have run 1,919 hrs, with 19% wear.

Another ADT mounted with 29.5R25 ETADT tires provided similar results. The rear and middle tires have run 4,944 hrs, with 51% tread wear. The two front tires have run 1,712 hrs, with 18% tread wear.

“The comfort, stability, traction and flotation under the road let us believe that Techking tires will be a success, with only 49% wear. The relation cost is much better than the competitor,” quotes the field report to the miner. “We can achieve 30% lower CPH (cost per hour) than the competitor in the same operation. The save will be a minimum of 25% in the actual tire demand. The driver’s comments are very, very positive with the performance of Techking tires.”

Techking OTR TPMS were mounted on each ADT, which helps with proper pressure control and contributes to tire performance.

Techking's partner also provides tire repairing service to the miner. It is another attribute for stable tire performance and cost savings on the side of the mine.

Some Data Quoted From Field Report:

Mine information:

  • Working condition: open pit Nickel mine 
  • One way distance: 10 km 
  • Average speed:40 km/h 
  • Turns per day: 24 turns 
  • Slope: 15-20 degree with load 

Machine One Tire Information:

  • Left Front Tire - RTD: 44/41 mm, 1910 hrs, 19% wear, Pressure: 74 psi 
  • Right Front Tire - RTD: 43/43 mm, 1910 hrs, 19% wear, Pressure: 72 psi 
  • Left Middle Tire - RTD: 34/31 mm, 4693 hrs, 49% wear, Pressure: 80 psi 
  • Right Middle Tire - RTD: 32.5/32 mm, 4693 hrs, 49% wear, Pressure: 79 psi 
  • Left Rear Tire - RTD: 39/36 mm, 4693 hrs, 49% wear, Pressure: 78 psi
  • Right Rear Tire - RTD: 25/23.5 mm, 4693 hrs, 49% wear, Pressure: 79 psi

Machine Two Tire Information:

  • Left Front Tire - RTD: 44/45 mm, 1712 hrs, 18% wear, Pressure: 80 psi
  • Right Front Tire - RTD: 46/45 mm, 1712 hrs, 18% wear, Pressure: 80 psi 
  • Left Middle Tire - RTD: 29/24 mm, 4644 hrs, 51% wear, Pressure: 86 psi  
  • Right Middle Tire - RTD: 37/36 mm, 4644 hrs, 51% wear, Pressure: 70 psi 
  • Left Rear Tire - RTD: 25/30 mm, 4644 hrs, 51% wear, Pressure: 86 psi
  • Right Rear Tire - RTD: 25/23.5 mm, 4644 hrs, 51% wear, Pressure: 65 psi