CAB Concept Cluster Debuts Smart CAB at Agritechnica 2017

The Smart CAB is a multifunctional cabin for self-propelled agricultural vehicles featuring elements which are either near start of production or series-tested, and includes smart farming capabilities.

CAB Concept Cluster
The Smart Cab 2

The CAB Concept Cluster presented its latest project at Agritechnica: The Smart CAB. A multifunctional cabin for self-propelled vehicles such as harvesters and field sprayers. "Fritz Schadeck called me in 2014 and was excited to tell me that we will start an innovation cluster." With these words, Alexandra Herrmann, Director Marketing Communications Fritzmeier CABS, greeted the more than 50 journalists and interested parties at the press conference. After the Genius CAB, winner of multiple awards, the cluster now presented for the agricultural engineering industry a firework of innovations comprising the buzz words of serial-tested modularity, x2x-usability and smart farming readiness. Many visitors got informed about the technical possibilities of today and tomorrow. The Smart Cab 3

"The focus of many cab projects consists in reducing time requirements and costs resulting from development. The Smart CAB therefore understands itself as highly innovative kit whose modules can be combined completely flexibly," explains Mathias Berger, Head of Sales for Business Agriculture at Robert Bosch GmbH, about the philosophy behind the cab.

With the motto serial-tested modularity, all elements are either near start of production or series-tested. To ensure future reliability, new components can be easily integrated thanks to continuous x2x-usability and a powerful body computer. Under the motto of smart farming readiness, the CAB Concept Cluster is committed to the profitable utilization of data. With regards to data-sharing, the presentation at Agritechnica showed how farmers can upload vehicle settings adjusted to particular soil/field and/or environmental conditions as well as various attachments, then make those available to other farmers for a commission. "But that's by far not all," Herrmann clarified. "The central topics of safety, comfort and ergonomics are also addressed via many highlights."

At Agritechnica, the joint cluster booth was a real people magnet: Both, the German and the international press from the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland as well as interested customers attentively watched the detailed presentation by the Cluster partners. "We will now present the Smart CAB at various exclusive events in order to also allow customers not attending the fair to experience the Smart CAB directly," explains Berger regarding the CAB Concept Cluster's plans for the future.