Liebherr MDC3 Mobile Digital Camera

The Liebherr MDC3 mobile digital camera, which will be introduced at Hannover Messe 2018, recognizes movements in its field of view and can determine movement vectors.

Liebherr Mdc3 Mobile Digital Camera Edge Detection

Liebherr presents the MDC3 mobile digital camera. The central focus is on the comprehensive sensor functions, which open up a wide range of applications.

    • Complies with highest protection rating of IP6K9K, suiting use in demanding mobile machinery applications such as agricultural and construction
    • Delivers high-resolution images in 1,280 x 960-pixel format
    • Equipped with comprehensive sensor functions
    • Recognizes movements in field of view and can determine movement vectors
    • Able to predict direction in which objects are moving and their speed
    • Delivers edge images suiting use as image sensor in environment recognition systems, thus enhancing operational safety of mobile machinery
    • Integrated HDR (High Dynamic Range) function ensures that even in poor lighting conditions important image details remain available
    • Provides high-contrast images without over or underexposure
    • Integrated Ethernet switch allows OEMs to link up any number of cameras in series
    • For the integration of cameras in machine's control system only one Ethernet connection is required

    Liebherr Mdc3 Mobile Digital Camera Integrated Ethernet Switch

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