OTTO Celebrates 50th Anniversary

OTTO marks a milestone in 2011: a half-century of manufacturing and engineering expertise.

OTTO, a leading manufacturer of communications accessories and operator controls proudly marks a milestone in 2011: a half-century of manufacturing and engineering expertise.

Known today as a prominent leader in the controls and communications industries, OTTO engineers and manufactures equipment for federal, military and commercial applications around the globe. In the Controls division, OTTO produces several styles of switches from pushbuttons to toggles to rockers in addition to control grips used in heavy operating machinery for industrial, agriculture, construction and aerospace sectors, among others. OTTO Communications provides a comprehensive line of two-way radio accessories such as speaker microphones, surveillance kits and headsets employed in public safety, industrial and hospitality industries. All OTTO products are relied on to provide exceptional performance under the most rigorous routines, the harshest conditions and the most strenuous activities.

In 1961, Jack Roeser founded the company as a high-quality manufacturer of ultra-dependable controls. Though much expanded since, the Controls line still includes the inaugural product - a basic snap-action switch. In the 1980s, OTTO was presented with an opportunity to design and manufacture a basic switch used inside of a surveillance kit and offered to produce the entire finished good. Thanks to the vertically integrated manufacturing resources in place, OTTO realized the opportunity for new business and launched its Communications division. Years of dedication, innovation and precision have built OTTO into a globally respected, high-quality manufacturer with more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing capabilities.

All of OTTO's design, testing and manufacturing processes are based in the US, and have earned the company a worldwide reputation for superior performance and engineering. Understanding that the key to success in the global marketplace is to remain proactive and flexible, has enabled OTTO to cultivate a rich history and maintain its forward-thinking vision. All of OTTO's employees, partners and clients have played a role in building OTTO into the company it is today. CEO since 1987, the founder's son, Tom Roeser, has taken OTTO to new heights through the introduction of innovative products, acquisitions and selling strategies, growing the company tenfold. Of the company's progress, founder Jack Roeser says "We appeal to the customer because of our close working relationship between sales, engineering and responsive manufacturing."

This business philosophy has also helped OTTO establish itself as a valued member of the Carpentersville community. The company contributes regularly to numerous charitable organizations and has worked with the local school system to establish career paths for high school students.

OTTO proudly celebrates its 50-year history throughout 2011 and has big plans for a bright future involving growth, innovative ideas, new product development and leadership

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