Heater Control Valves

Bergstrom introduces its heater control valves which are robustly designed to survive in a number of heavy-duty applications.

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Bergstrom Inc. has launched its next generation heater control valve, a highly-compatible component that features a more robust design and increased versatility.

  • Retains properties when exposed to new organic acid technology-type long-life OAT coolants
  • Gives enhanced performance using conventional coolants at elevated temperatures and pressures 
  • Customizable to fit individual applications
  • Bi-directional flow to ease fear of backward flows
  • Numerous connection options with copper tube attachments allow for rotation at any time without seal damage 
  • Robust bodies made from Dupont Zytel Plus nylon provides long-term performance
  • Resistant to hot coolant, hot oil, hot air, calcium chloride and other aggressive automotive chemicals
  • Valve stems made from special plastic alloy provides low friction and long life
  • High-performance seals from EPDM blended with lubricant
  • Available for split HVAC systems, stacked core HVAC systems, liquid cooled electrical components and other auxiliary cooling systems
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