Eberspaecher Airtronic 3 Fuel-Operated Air Heaters

The Airtronic 3 air heaters are available in four models with 12 possible versions to meet a wide range of vehicle application needs.

Eb Airtronic 3

Eberspaecher has introduced the third-generation Airtronic air heaters which are available across all performance classes (2-8 kW [2.7-10.7 hp]) for commercial and special vehicles.

  • Includes four model variants in 12 versions
  • User-friendly operating elements ensure simple and flexible control 
  • Fuel operated
  • Features brushless motor for longer service life
  • Stepless heat output control and optimized metering pump provide quiet operation
  • Redesigned combustion chamber gives greater installation flexibility
  • Ensures better flow ratios within the heater itself to improve efficiency
  • Modified positioning of temperature sensor improves temperature control
  • Sensor-controlled sequences make start-up phase even more efficient
  • Comes with electronic interfaces CAN (12/24V), LIN (12V), and S+ (12/24V)
  • Integrated automatic altitude adjustment suits use in high altitudes
  • Integrated barometric pressure sensor optimizes consumption levels and enables automatic adjustment at altitudes of up to 5,500 m (18,044.6 ft.), depending on the version
  • Four models include Airtronic S3 (2 kW [2.7 hp]), Airtronic M3 (4 kW [5.4 hp]), Airtronic L3 (6 kW [8 hp]) and Airtronic XL3 (8 kW [10.7 hp])
  • Airtronic S3 and Airtronic M3 are available as diesel or gasoline version
  • Airtronic M3 Recreational features increased air flow, suiting use in applications with longer air ducts
  • Control options include EasyStart Pro which uses permanently installed operating element and setting of desired start time and heating duration
  • In Europe, digital control via EasyStart Web is also available using a digital device such as a smartphone, Amazon’s Alexa, or any other Internet-enabled device 
  • Can be integrated into preexisting vehicle systems via various interfaces
  • First available in Europe, then North America in mid-2022
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