9067 Series Flameless Heating/Cooling System

Kenway Engineering's 9067 Series flameless HVAC unit uses hydraulic power to heat cabs instead of propane or diesel fuel.


Kenway Engineering Inc. has introduced the 9067 Series flameless HVAC unit for off-road construction equipment.

  • Well suited for off-road construction equipment at jobsites that restrict or prohibit heaters running on propane or diesel fuel
  • Can be installed as a split unit system or as a self-contained model about the size of a small window air-conditioner
  • As a self-contained unit, installation requires a rectangular opening in the cab wall, four hose connections and a single electrical hookup
  • Does not require tanks of propane or diesel fuel and there is no hydraulic oil reservoir or filter to maintain 
  • Features hydraulic circuits that protect pump, valves and seals from damage caused by oil breakdown and pressure and flow fluctuations
  • Hydraulic power is only used to heat the cab, so system has no thermal impact on the vehicle's oil reservoir
  • Works with cooler-running EPA Tier 4 engines because it does not rely on engine heat to run an antifreeze/coolant-based system
  • Can output 27,000 BTU per hour at idle
  • Hydraulic oil in the heat circuit can go as high as 205 F
  • Adaptable for a wide variety of heavy equipment and features compact design
  • All key components contained within the system eliminate thermodynamic inefficiencies as well as service and maintenance issues
  • Designed in series with other machine functions to share hydraulic resources
  • Features sensors and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) when necessary 
  • Automatic temperature control (ATC) and controller input/output diagnostics can be added to meet individual application needs 


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