Dometic Group Blizzard Turbo Auxiliary Air Conditioner

Dometic Group introduced its Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner which has been shown to operate two to three times cooler than competitive systems at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show.

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Dometic Group announces the launch of its Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner for trucks.

  • Powered by batteries, generator or shore power
  • Provides 7,000 BTUs of cooling
  • Testing shows two and three times cooler output than competitive models
  • Specially designed to meet the durability requirements of the over-the-road truck market
  • Offers highly favorable BTU to wattage ratio, making it an efficient choice for cooling
  • Split system that puts noise of the condenser unit on the outside of the truck while the quieter evaporator unit blows cool air within the cab interior
  • Includes higher efficiency dual-circuit evaporator coil, improved base pan design for efficient condensate drainage, internal electrical box with easy-start circuitry to minimize starting-current surge, and easy-access high and low pressure service ports on the exterior unit
  • Centrifugal blower provides high air flow and high static-pressure performance, and is rotatable for vertical or horizontal discharge which increases installation options
  • Features improved compressor bracing and vibration dampening to assure quiet ride and extended component life
  • Operates with R-134A refrigerant, the most commonly available refrigerant, for convenient servicing
  • Improved condenser design includes increased side inlet openings for improved air flow, 12V DC fan to allow use of a smaller transformer and an optimized electrical box
  • Includes Dometic's patent protected use of quick-disconnect refrigerant fittings
  • Designed for the harsh trucking environment, both the interior and external components of the Blizzard Turbo are vibration and corrosion resistant and have improved mounting and fastening


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