Perrin Manufacturing Dynasys SL Auxiliary Power Unit

At MATS 2015, Perrin Manufacturing introduced its Dynasys SL Auxiliary Power Unit featuring a multi-purpose HVAC console that fits most day cab and sleeper cab configurations.

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Perrin Manufacturing – a leading manufacturer and distributor of the energy-efficient diesel-electric Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) – introduces its 18-inch wide Dynasys SL.

  • Automotive-style HVAC system
  • Available with a multi-purpose HVAC console that fits virtually all major day cab configurations and an under-bunk version that accommodates most traditional sleeper cab styles
  • Does not include AC power generator, but focuses solely on operator comfort and climate control of the vehicle’s cabin
  • Employs belt-driven AC compressor to generate up to 24,000 BTU/hr of cooling power and heat dissipation from its diesel power plant to deliver up to 8,000 BTU/hr of heating strength
  • Fits frame rail mounting space of most North American day cab and sleeper cab brands
  • Weighs 25% less than standard Dynasys model
  • Features corrosion-resistant stainless steel outer envelope and heavy-duty zinc-plated frame with powder coating
  • Includes in-cab, touchscreen user interface controller
  • Advanced noise reduction technology adds to operator comfort by keeping unit at or below 75 dB under full load, producing about a third less noise than an idling Class 8 diesel truck
  • Powered by an easily accessed two-cylinder Caterpillar CO.5i diesel engine, boasting an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating of Tier 4, the lowest emission rating for its class
  • Attaches to a power unit’s existing fuel tank and operates on less than one quarter of the diesel fuel needed to idle a Class 8 diesel engine
  • Reduces soot buildup from nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission and thus reduces the incidence of diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration on any vehicle it supports
  • Day cab model has a versatile HVAC console with four large multi-directional air vents, two large integrated cup holders and two storage trays
  • Sturdy, molded plastic and steel construction console also includes a USB charging port and a common 12V DC power receptacle
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