J.R. Merritt Controls G56 and G58 Multi-Function Handles

The new G56 and G58 multi-function joystick handles each have their own unique shape and can both be used for left- or right-hand operation.

Jrmc G58 Handle
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J.R. Merritt Controls expands its line of heavy-duty joystick handles with the introduction of the G56 and G58 multi-function handles.

  • Engineered around performance and comfort, while focusing on modular designs to simplify and streamline the configuring process
  • Each handle features own unique shapes
  • G56 has ergonomic design that leans forward and inward towards the operator, and is available in left- and right-hand models
  • G58 has a comfortable, straight design that can be used for left- or right-hand operation   
  • High degree of flexibility with selection of individually configurable device plates that can be populated with push buttons, rocker switches, thumbwheels, and mini joysticks
  • Both models can also be configured with devices on the rear side of the handle, with the G58 offering an option for a trigger
  • Customizable to virtually any industrial or mobile equipment application
  • Compatible with J.R. Merritt’s VNSO, XL-VNSO, VNS2, VCSO, VCS2, CS1, CS3HD, HS2, PRO-4 and PRO-6 joysticks

Jrmc G56 Handle

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