Vehicle Light Switch

Advanced Input Systems designed a mil-spec light switch to replace a mechanical design.

Mvls2 Do D Light Switch Small
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Advanced Input Systems designed a mil-spec light switch to replace a 1950's era mechanical design used by the US Military. Our design eliminated the need for 2-handed operation and improved reliability in a streamlined package. The light switch is used in both combat and non-combat "truck like" vehicles" such as tractors, forklifts, medium vehicles, heavy vehicles, wreckers and dump trucks.

Designed for operation in the harshest military environments, this switch controls the headlamps, stop lamps, panel lamps, driving lamp, clearance lamp, marker lamp, turn indicator lamps, tail lamps, parking lamps and battery lamp on the vehicle. Three levels of backlighting capability are also available: bright, dim or off.

It is equipped with control circuits to prevent accidental energizing of any lighting circuits when in a blackout condition.

  • Solid State
  • Multi-Function
  • Back-mounted switch assembly
  • Aluminum with Elastomeric Keypad
  • Solid state switching and firmware for safety
  • Logic stored in non-volatile memory
  • Backlit keypad when master power is supplied
  • Switch maintains memory of present lighting mode when experiencing momentary power interruptions
  • Switch is self protected against reverse polarity, currents over 20 Amps and voltage greater than 30v
  • Custom Development - Technical content export controlled
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