EAO Series 56 Universal Switch

The EAO Series 56 Universal Switch features intuitive operation as a result of visual and tactile feedback.

Eao Series 56

EAO offers its Series 56 Universal Switch that provides reliability in demanding, high-use environments.

  • Features distinctive click when actuated
  • Large actuation surface and LED illumination     
  • Front bezel includes a range of color options and laser engraved symbols
  • Unique design and appearance
  • Ideal for transit buses and travel coaches, technology used in buildings and infrastructure, and machinery
  • Wide range of standard, ISO 7000 or customer-specific symbols can be lasered in black onto the grey anodized symbol insets (not TSI PRM compliant)
  • Lenses without symbols are also available
  • Intuitive operation as a result of visual and tactile feedback
  • Sealed both at front and back
  • Various front bezel colors available
  • Low mounting depth of 27 mm (1.06 in.), including M8x1 standard connector, provides easy plug and play installation
  • Long, reliable service life (>5 million cycles of operation)
  • Enabled state of the button is signaled by green lighting which is clearly visible, even under the adverse light conditions
  • User receives multi-sensory feedback when button is pushed that includes an audible and tactile click sound
  • Clear visible red LED and green illumination offers additional assurance of button activation

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