Series 51 Stop Switch

The smaller mounting depth on EAO's Series 51 Stop Switch helps reduce panel depth as well as provide damage protection.

Prseries51 En 10277076

The world's first stop switch with a mounting depth of less than 19mm has been developed by EAO – a provider of human-machine interfaces.

  • Utilizes monoblock design with built-in contact block to reduce behind-panel depth
  • Monoblock design protects against damage caused by heavy-handed use during an emergency shutdown or panic situation
  • Adaptable to almost any type of application
  • Suitable for handheld remote controls, narrow control panels and newer electronic applications with restricted behind-panel space 
  • Dust and watertight to IP65
  • Protective shroud available to help prevent unintentional use and damage from heavy falling objects
  • Compatible with operating voltages from 100V up to 250V
  • Features choice of connections including solder/plug-in, solder, or universal (Plug-in, Solder, PCB)
  • Offers single piece design for quick and easy mounting 
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