Customized Membrane Switches

Apem Components introduces its line of membrane switches which are fully customizable to meet customers' specific applications.

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APEM Components, Inc., a manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, announces the availability of a wide range of customized membrane switches.  

  • Endless combinations of designs, colors, and lighting solutions available
  • Features ergonomic, low profile, space-saving design adaptable to any project
  • Can be made with either tactile feedback through sound and light indication or non-tactile
  • Flexible tail termination is designed to connect directly to electronic equipment
  • Provides durable and environmentally sound construction
  • For moderate to harsh conditions, including water immersion, electromagnetic interference, ultraviolet exposure, grease, and gasoline
  • Meets IP65, IP67, and NEMA4 standards
  • Applications include medical, oil and gas, transportation and military
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