Series 04 Stainless Steel Key-Insert Switch

EAO Switch Corp. introduces its Series 04 stainless steel key-insert switch for use in harsh transportation applications.

Eaokeyinsert 10416596

EAO Corporation of Milford, CT, a global supplier of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Systems and Components, announces the Series 04 stainless steel key-insert switch for durable performance in transportation applications, including rail.

  • Unique transit authority key shapes provide increased security 
  • Performs up to .25 million switch cycles without failure
  • Features protection to IP67 standards
  • Operates reliably in temperatures from -45 C to 85 
  • Separates functions according to direction in which it is turned, reducing incidence of accidental operation
  • Available in square and round indicators, pushbuttons, rotary switches, emergency stops and mushroom-headed pushbuttons
  • Allows flush-mounting to a panel for protection against accidental operation, or raising for viewing status from side
  • Extended or sealed ring provides additional lens protection
  • Lenses available in various colors, have legend or symbol film inserts, and can be illuminated with LED's or incandescent lamps
  • Snap-action or slow-make pushbuttons come standard with hard silver contacts, gold plated contacts available for switching to lower currents
  • Screw, plug-in or Push-In (PIT) terminals are available
  • Various available switching elements enables currents from 2mA/110V DC to a maximum of 10A/600V AC
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