Series 51 Flush Mount Switch

EAO Corporation has launched its Series 51 Flush Mount Switch for use in high-tech operator control systems.

Eaos51flushmount2 10655626

EAO Corporation announces the launch of the Series 51 Flush Mount Switch for high-tech operator control systems in industrial applications.

  • Occupies just 34 mm of behind-panel depth
  • Includes illuminated pushbuttons, indicators, selector switches and key switches
  • Available in different sizes, shapes and materials, such as hard-wearing plastic or aluminium
  • Operating voltages range from 10 µA/100V up to 250V
  • Different lens and bezel color combinations allow for customization
  • Switch configurations of up to four normally-open (NO) and four normally-closed (NC) contacts can be obtained per unit
  • Terminal choices include solder, solder/plug-in, and PCB styles
  • Provides front protection to IP 65, is guaranteed for one million cycles and complies with national, international and industry standards
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