E33 Rocker eSM

The E33 Rocker eSM from Eaton provides a flexible and sealed switch for use in severe-duty environments.

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Eaton offers the latest in the multiplexed line of switch products—the fully sealed E33 Rocker electronic Switch Module (eSM).

  • Provides flexible and sealed solution for high-density switch requirements in severe environments
  • Can be configured with any customer-defined graphic as well as illumination
  • For applications requiring more than three switches, expansion modules can be used without the need for additional CAN nodes
  • Communicates with E31 keypad and E32 Rocker expansion modules
  • Compliant with J1939 CAN 2.0B messaging
  • Supports up to 24 switches per CAN node
  • IP68 degree of protection in front and rear
  • Rated 9 to 32V DC
  • Immune to SAE J1455 and J1113 power distrurbances
  • Sleep mode available to reduce current draw on vehicle battery
  • Features LED lighting in top, center and bottom indicator position
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