MSG Series Switch Guards

APEM's MSG Series switch guards are resistant to hydrocarbons, acid, sand, dust and other contaminants common to harsh operating conditions.

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APEM Inc. announces the launch of the MSG Switch Guard Series accessory line.

  • Robust, modern design
  • Meets requirements of demanding environments, particularly those in defense, aeronautics and off-road vehicle applications
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, acid, high temperature and saline environments
  • Side switch guards avoid inadvertent actuation
  • All models can be installed with seals to reinforce switch actuation control
  • Features large marking surface and provides excellent handgrip, even with gloves
  • Sand and dust cannot collect in the mobile parts of the guards, eliminating the risk of jamming
  • Includes double end stop so there is no distortion or break in cases of crushing
  • Available in an array of cap colors and markings 
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