EAO Series 45 Switches

EAO's Series 45 line of switches are fully customizable and meet the requirements for IP69K to withstand use in harsh environmental conditions.

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The Series 45 line of products from EAO meets the strict international safety guidelines related to main operator panels, devices and handheld control units in heavy-duty applications.

  • Available functions include pushbuttons, keylock or selector switches, emergency stop swtiches, indicators and potentiometers
  • Capable of maintaining full functionality in even the harshest environments
  • Features modern appearance
  • Fully customizable for a wealth of product configurations 
  • Mounting process eases implementation for new designs, retrofit applications, or maintenance and repair
  • Can be installed into a panel in minutes with only a single hand
  • Penetration by dust and liquids is prevented even in the most adverse conditions
  • Both internal and external sealing capabilities meet requirements for IP69K standard
  • Provides smooth, homogeneous illumination even in direct sunlight conditions
  • Optional flush mounting aids in wash down processes
  • Serial communication capability enables flexibility for use in various designs
  • Meets several international approvals for global acceptance
  • Maintains functionality through 10 million switching cycles 


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