J.R. Merritt NSB2-0 Rotary Switch

J.R. Merritt Controls' NSB2-0 rotary switch now features an all-steel enclosure housing and is powder coated in black for extra protection.

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The NSB2-0 rotary switch from J.R. Merritt Controls Inc. has been engineered with a new standard all-steel enclosure housing option to meet the demands of more stringent applications.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Powder coated in black for extra protection
  • Custom colors available to match machinery and workstation interiors
  • Joystick switch is easy to install due to simple mounting plate design
  • Robust enclosure enables use in range of lift/drop applications, including in-plant process control, mining vehicles and lift systems
  • Strong steel operating shaft will not bend or break
  • Long mechanical life of more than 10 million cycles (with friction break)
  • Precision step control with up to 7-0-7 individually detented steps

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