Design & Engineering Insights: elobau Adaptive Multifunctional Armrest to Improve Operator Comfort and Productivity

The multifunctional armrest prototype enables the operator interface controls to change and adapt to fit the needs of various operating scenarios.

As part of the aISA (adaptive interface systems in agricultural tractors) project, elobau and industry partners have developed a prototype adaptive multifunctional armrest. Timo Schempp, responsible for Advanced Development at elobau, says tractors can be used in various operating scenarios but the operator interface typically stays the same.  

elobau and its aISA project partners had the idea to create a changing, adaptive system to provide operators with an interface which fits the actual needs of each operating scenario. By enabling the controls to adapt to the specific needs of an application, machine operation is made easier which helps operators better focus on the work at hand and be more productive. OEMs can also ensure they are providing an operator interface system which meets a variety of customer needs without having to do a lot of customization.

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