Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine provides improved operator control

Improved operator control on the Vermeer T1255 enables precise, high-production material excavation for operators.

T1255 Sem Dd Tx Coal

The Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler surface excavation machine (SEM) was developed in the strong tradition of Vermeer rock-trenching innovation.

Designed for mining, quarry, site prep and civil work operations, the T1255 SEM puts more control in operators’ hands for precise, high-production material excavation. Vermeer developed top-down cutting drums that allow the cutter teeth to gain penetration without using the machine’s tractive effort to drive the teeth into the material. As the machine travels forward and the drum rotates, the teeth on the drum are positioned over the material surface. As contact is made, the top-down cutting action of the teeth instantly creates a consistent-sized product, which can be handled more efficiently than product generated by drilling and blasting.

The Vermeer T1255 SEM is built upon the Commander 3 track trencher, which provides the power needed for the demanding work in mines and quarries. The machine offers a 447.4 kW CAT C18 ACERT Tier 3 engine and Vermeer exclusive TEC Plus operating system, which interfaces with various modules throughout the machine. A load control system automatically adjusts ground speed to use maximum engine power, and also protects the engine from operator error — preventing stalling of the engine under load.