CLAAS Unveils New JAGUAR 900 Series TERRA TRAC Forage Harvester

The TERRA TRAC system provides a more comfortable ride, reduced soil compaction, and increased stability.

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At the Farm Progress Show, CLAAS of America rolled out the all-new JAGUAR 900 Series, 800 Series, and TERRA TRAC forage harvesters, featuring even higher throughput, chop quality, fuel efficiency and time-saving features. The new JAGUAR 990 and 960 are available with TERRA TRAC, the first forage harvesters to offer the feature for a more comfortable ride, reduced soil compaction, and increased stability.

To complement the new JAGUAR 900 Series, CLAAS of America is also introducing the ORBIS row-independent header, which offers superior ground contour following and consistent crop transfer.

"CLAAS has long set the standard for forage harvesters and has been the market leader in the segment, helping ag business owners and custom harvesters get more done so they can increase their profitability," says Matt Jaynes, CLAAS of America Product Manager for Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters. "The new 900 Series with TERRA TRAC plus the innovative ORBIS header raise the bar in the performance features that our customers seek the most — efficiency, optimal crop flow, reliability, and convenience."

Class-leading performance

The powerful and efficient new JAGUAR 990 is equipped with up to 925 horsepower and the new JAGUAR 970 features an Inline-6 engine with 790 horsepower.  All-new JAGUAR forage harvesters deliver industry-leading throughput to harvest more tons per hour. The new CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE automatically adjusts horsepower and speed for improved engine efficiency and maximum harvesting capacity. Improvements to engine design and power transfer result in a 10% fuel savings compared to competitive models. 355252 Jaguar C Flex 1500 Color

The JAGUAR sets the standard for reliability, and improvements to the design of the new series raises the bar on machine longevity. A 30% stronger feedroll cabinet allows for smoother crop flow, more consistent chop quality and the highest reliability on the market. PREMIUM LINE wear plates, knives, and hard metal shearbar offer best-in-class service life. In addition, a larger fuel tank and LED service lights minimize downtime for refueling or maintenance.

All JAGUAR forage harvesters feature updated convenience features such as the new large CEBIS color monitor with touchscreen, a new armrest with integrated BlueTooth controls, and the new CMOTION handle. The touch screen monitor not only makes settings adjustments easier, but also integrates multiple monitors into the single screen to help eliminate cab clutter. The CEBIS touchscreen and CMOTION handle both feature Quick Key and shortcut functions to help operators save and access frequent commands for easier use.

First track system for forage harvesters

The JAGUAR 990 and 960 models are available with TERRA TRAC drive systems that provide up to 25 mph (40 km/h) road speeds, a much smoother ride, reduced soil compaction, and added stability and traction on slopes and all soil conditions. A headland protection function helps protect the ground from shearing while turning.

CLAAS developed the TERRA TRAC drive concept with patented geometry for effective soil protection. The JAGUAR TERRA TRAC is the first forage harvester with a standard function to protect the soil and grassland against driving damage. 

"For the first time, it is possible to make use of the advantages of the track system on all surfaces throughout the entire year," Jaynes says.

Available new header

The new ORBIS 750 and 600 feature a frame stamped from a flat piece of metal for the strongest possible header, with no welded joints.  The knives, crop flow guides and the Christmas trees on the new ORBIS 750 and 600 are all PREMIUM LINE, making the header more durable and providing more consistent cutting and feeding.  The new knives and shorter, stronger points on the header prevent double cuts in the field. Jaguar 3

The new AUTO CONTOUR system allows for even closer cutting to the ground for those who want very short stubble.  "The header suspension ensures that the ORBIS maintains an ideal lateral balance and adjusts itself to the field contours. This leads to an appreciable reduction in wear and increases reliability," says Jaynes.

The ORBIS header also features a new folding design that allows the operator to fold and unfold it in 15 seconds for easy transport between fields.

New JAGUAR 800 Series models

The updated JAGUAR 800 Series forage harvesters include several upgrades to improve convenience, crop flow, and efficiency. The ground drive torque was increased by 11% for better power and control in hilly and muddy conditions. A new length of cut gearbox helps optimize chop length settings, the ACTISILER 37 provides better insulation for inoculant application, and the CEBIS color monitor with touchscreen control gives the operator more convenience when adjusting forage harvester settings.   

"The JAGUAR has earned a reputation for setting the industry standard for forage harvesting – it’s the first choice for a reason," Jaynes says. "We're excited about these new advancements to the JAGUAR that deliver more power, reliability and efficiency, but we are constantly looking for new innovations."