Technology Can Help Overcome Workforce Challenges

Will Healy of Balluff says companies which implement advanced technologies like automation and robotics will be better able to attract younger generations into the industry.

Our editor speaks with Will Healy III, Marketing Manager Americas, Balluff Worldwide, about current trends in the heavy equipment industry. Chief among them is the need to attract a younger and more diverse workforce, especially as older generations start to leave the industry.

Technology is one way to do so. Younger generations are used to having advanced technology at their fingertips, so companies which utilize it will be better able to attract those workers. Automation, robotics and virtual reality could also help draw people into the industry as they want to be able to work with the latest and greatest technology, while also making the work easier to do.

Be sure to read our full Q&A with Will and his colleague Dennis Lewis, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Balluff Inc. from our October 2021 State of the Industry issue for more insights into current industry trends.

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