Spicer EconoTrek Tandem Axel

Dana announces the release of its Spicer EconoTrek tandem axle with a 6x2 configuration for improved performance and fuel economy.

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Dana Holding Corporation has introduced the Spicer EconoTrek tandem axle, a durable, lightweight 6x2 configuration that improves performance, reduces maintenance and increases fuel economy for heavy-duty line haul tractors.

  • Improves fuel economy by up to 3% through decreases in mechanical drivetrain energy loss
  • Reduces weight by up to 400 lbs. when compared with a traditional 40,000-pound tandem axle arrangement
  • Optimized for use with electronic-controlled air suspension systems
  • Combines technology of Spicer S170 and S190 single-reduction single drive axles with lightweight Spicer S20-045B tag axle
  • Spicer S170 and S190 drive axle technologies are resistant to abusive differential spin-out events
  • Spicer S20-045B, made of high-strength, micro-alloy steel with a thin-wall, square-edge formed axle housing box, weighs 20 to 30 lbs. less than competitive models
  • Spicer S20-045B axle is shaped like a low-profile drive axle to provide strength for vertical load-bearing capabilities, reducing tire wear while simplifying suspension and chassis installation 
  • Use with Bendix eTrac system allows seamless transfer of weight to Spicer S170 or S190 Series axle for improved low-speed traction when combined with the Spicer patented wheel-differential lock feature 
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