CBXy Series Yoke Mount Air Suspension Axle System

SAF-Holland introduces the CBXy Series Yoke Mount Air Suspension Axle System which works in conjunction with the CBXu underslung model.

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SAF-HOLLAND introduces the industry’s first integrated Yoke Mount Air Suspension Axle System, the CBXy Series.

  • Works in conjunction with the low profile CBXu underslung model
  • Yoke mount allows for load equalization, and is specially designed for lowboy and drop deck trailer applications
  • Cast steel yoke mount beam provides strength and durability, yet is lightweight
  • Features 5.75 in. diameter axle for 22.5 in. or larger tire applications
  • Comes with INTEGRAL air disc brake P89 or drum brake wheel end package with industry standard spindles or optional parallel spindles
  • Available on the SAF CB25Xy with a 25,000 lb. capacity and the CBX25-30y rated for 30,000 lbs. of load carrying at creep speed and 25,000-pound on-highway operations
  • For low profile trailer applications that require 17.5 and 19.5 in. wheel sizes, the SAF CBu and CBy suspension models accommodate 12.25 x 7.5 in. drum brake packages
  • Coated with BLACK ARMOUR metal protection, which chemically bonds with metal to form a protective skin that is impervious to water and anti-icing chemicals
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