Reyco Granning LiftMaster Auxiliary Lift Axle

Reyco Granning introduced its LiftMaster family of auxiliary lift axles, featuring a 13,200-lb. capacity, at The Work Truck Show 2016.

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Reyco Granning introduces its auxiliary lift axle family called the LiftMaster. The axle family includes the ALAP-13 (PS) steerable and ALAP-13 (NS) non-steerable.

  • For heavy-duty, Class 7 and 8 vehicles
  • Rated at 13,200-lb. capacity
  • Replaces previous Reyco Granning models L132 (steerable) and L130 (non-steerable). 
  • Features weight reduction of 75 lbs. in the steerable version and approximately 100 lbs. from the non-steerable version while still passing stringent tests for vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces
  • Bilstein gas-charged, monotube steer damper eliminates heat build-up and cavitation, and maintains constant control of steering mechanism
  • Standard features include automatic lift function in reverse, eliminating chance that a driver might forget to manually lift the axle





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