Meritor MOX-32 and MON-32 Off-Highway Axles

The Meritor MOX-32 and MON-32 steer axles are engineered for strength and durability to meet the performance requirements and higher capacity demands of various types of applications.

Mox 32
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Meritor Inc. announces the launch of its MOX-32, a 32,000-lb. (14,515 kg) rated planetary front-drive steer axle for heavy-duty and off-highway applications, as well as the MON-32, a 32,000-lb. rated non-drive steer axle for applications that haul demanding loads but do not require a driven front axle

  • Broad axle ratio range from 3.46-24.82 to fit performance and productivity demands of different applications
  • Optional driver-controlled differential lock (DCDL) enhances traction
  • Can be configured to any track length for custom applications
  • Central tire inflation compatibility has been added based on customer need
  • Includes Meritor P6 four-planet wheel-ends to offer common, robust planetary gearing configuration fully validated for the toughest off-highway applications
  • Anti-lock braking system capability delivers improved stopping performance and safety
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