Chrome-Plated Knobs and Handles

Reid Supply Co. announces the release of its chrome-plated knobs and handles which are designed to survive in harsh working environments.

Chrome Plated Metal Handlesand Knobs 2

Reid Supply Company announces the release of its chrome-plated lobe knobs and chrome-plated adjustable handles. This product line is well suited for outdoor and unfavorable conditions.

  • Chrome-plated surface is resistant to wear, scrapes and shocks
  • Five lobe shape offers operator’s fingers a proper grip and prevents unhealthy residues from depositing thanks to solid shape without cavities
  • Testing at ambient temperature (23°C) shows surface resistant to sea water, detergents, acetone, ethyl alcohol, formic acid and chlorine solutions 
  • Features glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based (PA) techno-polymer, and chrome-plated with a semi-glossy finish
  • Chrome plating makes surface finish semi-glossy and homogeneous to facilitate cleaning operations
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