ST-12C Counterbalanced Hinges

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A line of standard Southco ST-12C counterbalanced hinges provides consistent, high-torque performance in a compact package, enabling equipment operators to lift and position hinged components with less effort.

  • Ease-of-movement
  • No-slip positioning
  • Multiple options for counterbalancing torque
  • Ability to imbed the hinges within product housings
  • Counterbalance design requires less effort to move heavier objects as compared to friction-only hinges
  • Constant-torque design, specified to stay within +/-20% of rated torque for 20,000 cycles of operation, provides consistent long-term performance
  • Counterbalancing spring provides for lifting assistance in one direction to minimize the weight felt by the user
  • Four torque values (20-, 28-, 36- and 44-in.-lb. force) accommodate objects of varying size and weight
  • Installed in mirror-image pairs
  • Provides +/- 90% of rotation in each direction for 180 degrees range of motion
  • Durable all-metal construction and are available in a natural finish
  • Maximum static radial load of 1,000 N (225-lb. force)
  • Maximum static axial load of 1,200 N (270-lb. force)


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