Southco CA Counterbalance Hinge

Southco's CA Counterbalance Hinge features an integrated spring system to assist the lifting and positioning of heavy lids and panels.

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Southco Inc. has added the CA Counterbalance Hinge to its line of position control hinges.

  • Designed to assist the lifting and positioning of heavy lids and panels
  • Features integrated spring system
  • Allows heavy lid to be lifted with minimal operating effort, and will continue to hold it securely in any position
  • External mounting style allows for increased capacity within enclosure and eliminates need for secondary support components to hold lids or panels in position
  • Can be fine-tuned to the feel of the lid or panel, eliminating need for constant maintenance and readjustment
  • Provides effortless fingertip positioning
  • Tested, repeatable cycle life is validated for 20k cycles of operation





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