Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Turcon Roto Glyd Ring V

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces its Turcon Roto Glyd Ring V double-acting rotary seal, primarily intended for double-acting pressure within severe working conditions that require extended rotary service.

  • Specifically engineered for machinery where a high pressure to velocity value is required to allow equipment to run at the highest possible speeds in high pressures for an extended service life
  • Reduced contact surfaces under all operating conditions significantly improve friction and wear characteristics without compromising sealing performance
  • Designed for continuous service at high and low PV values
  • Improved performance in oscillating conditions or where there are frequent changes in pressure and/or velocity
  • Runs with low frictional torque at all pressures from 0.5 MPa and above with low sensitivity to pressure increases from 0.5 to 20 MPa
  • Built-in valve function; valve ports are made from both sides of the Turcon ring profile to the space in the center, which is the lubricating groove. An elastomer ring is installed in the lubricating groove to prevent static leakage through the ports
  • When the seal is pressurized from one side or the other, the elastomer ring opens the port on the pressure side and equalizes the pressure beneath the elastomer ring – pressure balancing the seal by more than half
  • Maximum recommended operating temperatures of 212 F (100 C) and up to 302 F (150 C) at lower PV-values
  • Designed to fit into standard Roto Glyd Ring grooves
  • Available in four cross section series; for shafts in diameters from 1.377-19.685 in. (35-500 mm) and for bores from 0.866-19.685 in. (22-500 mm)
  • Pressure should be limited to a maximum of 30 MPa
  • Velocity needs to be limited to 2.0 m/sec
  • Successfully tested up to a combined PV of 10 MPa.m/sec
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