High-Retention Electrical Connectors

ETCO Inc.'s electrical connectors feature vibration-resistant designs.

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A full line of electrical connectors for appliances and instruments that cannot pull apart and for spark plugs that feature a vibration-resistant retention clip is available from ETCO Inc.

ETCO High-Retention Electrical Connectors are offered in two styles:

1. The FlatSnap Connector which features a unisex design with a positive locking mechanism that connects with a simple push-pull motion, clicks into place, and cannot pull apart 

2. The spark plug terminal featuring a spring clip which connects with a tactile feel and seats for a reliable connection

  • High-Retention FlatSnap Connectors are available in 0.032 in. x 0.250 in. and other sizes; made from nickel plated steel and various high temperature alloys
  • Spark plug terminals and clips are offered in various type of steels
  • ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified
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