APD Four-Way High Voltage Series Connector

ITT's APD four-way High Voltage Series connector conducts 10 times more VDC than standard APD interconnects.

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ITT Interconnect Solutions, has developed a high voltage connector series, which can conduct 10 times more VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) than standard APD interconnects in the same form factor.

  • Handles operating voltages up to 500V DC and operating current up to 34A
  • Offers cost effectiveness and reliability
  • Suits automotive applications such as power distribution boxes, controls and junction boxes as well as electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Provides a small and lightweight design
  • Features identical dimensions and layout to standard APD four-way connector
  • Adjusted insulator body design along with improved air and creepage distance increases voltage capacity 
  • Impulse voltage rates at 3.5kV and operating current goes up to 34A for wire size 4.0mm2
  • Includes bayonet mating and rating to IP67, increasing to IP69k when using individual wire sealing
  • Fully VDE certified
  • Additional applications include agricultural machinery, industrial automation and robotics
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