Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology Connectors

Molex introduces its Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connectors with IP67 sealing.

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Molex Incorporated has introduced the Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector that combines Cat 5e data speed and power supply for high signal integrity and excellent performance.

  • Combines both power and data lines in one M12 connector
  • Features a reduced footprint and lower installation and cabling costs
  • Applications include process and automation control, HVAC systems, telecoms infrastructure, vision systems, commercial transportation, and military/aerospace 
  • Includes two shielded twisted pairs cat5e data lines
  • Either two or four contacts are capable of carrying up to 10.0A per contact
  • Overmolding ensures complete IP67-rated sealing and provides dependable strain relief
  • Fully-shielded 4-pin array for the cat5e lines with wrap-around metal tube (patent pending) allows for signal integrity and performance
  • Two overlapping tubes channel signal through connector without affecting crosstalk and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
  • 4+2 and 4+4 configuration is currently available in M12 threaded form factor, with additional configurations yet to come
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