Deutsch HDP Compatible Delphi HES Connection System

Waytek introduces its Delphi HES Connectors which are compatible with Deutsch HDP connectors.

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Waytek announces the Deutsch HDP compatible Delphi HES Connection system as its latest line of sealed multi-pin connectors. The Delphi HES connection system is a drop-in replacement for Deutsch HDP Connectors.

  • Provides high current capability, improved sealing, high terminal retention and cost advantage compared to standard pin-and-sleeve systems
  • Includes circular connectors, contacts and a J1939 diagnostic connector
  • Stainless steel sleeve terminals provide stability and protection to contact interface area
  • Sealing performance to IP67 standards
  • Overlapping wing design provides strain relief and larger outside diameter cable range capability
  • Tin material in crimp area results in  crimp stability over life
  • Three-rib design provides up to 50% better sealing capability
  • Recessed ribs maintain sealing properties if a tight wire dress is applied
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