Spin-Lock Variable-Angle Backshell

TE Connectivity's Spin-Lock variable-angle backshell is durably designed to offer increased shielding and sealing capabilities.

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TE Connectivity introduces the Spin-Lock variable-angle backshell, designed for durability, better shielding and offering full sealing capabilities.

  • Provides straight, 45 degree and 90 degree cable terminations
  • Swivel body rotates around axis of cable bundle, thereby minimizing stress on wire bundle and providing better strain relief 
  • Features reliable shield termination using  Tinel-Lock ring system or bandstrap
  • Includes sealed termination with standard, proven heat-shrinkable molded shape and adhesive system
  • Available in composite or aluminum with choice of electroless nickel or zinc nickel plating, with nickel PTFE as future option
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