Maxi-Seal Hardshell J560 Connector

Peterson Manufacturing announces the release of the Maxi-Seal hardshell J560 connector for heavy-duty applications.

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Maxi-Seal Harness Systems Inc., a division of Peterson Manufacturing Company, has received patent approval (US Patent No. 8,251,732) on the industry's first hardshell J560 connector for heavy-duty trucks, trailers and trailer dollies.

  • Utilizes rigid connector and flange that is engineered to hold up against snow and ice build-up better than integrally molded flange designs
  • Strong, flexible flange snaps onto connector for easy installation
  • Use of overmolded engineering-grade resin ensures durable bond between black hardshell connector and gray overmold
  • Integrally molded ring gasket inside connector seals face of socket to keep out moisture and harsh corrosives
  • Available in straight and right angle versions
  • Standard right angle version has six o'clock wire exit, but can be custom configured in any exit orientation
  • Both forms install easily into a standard 2 1/4 in. diameter mounting hole and utilize same Tramec Smart Box socket that is readily available for replacement
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