HSAutoLink II Interconnect System

Molex introduces its HSAutoLink II Interconnect System which helps meet the needs of multiple high-speed media protocols in vehicle designs.

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Molex Incorporated announces the introduction of its next-generation HSAutoLink II Interconnect System. Delivering on the automotive industry’s need for multiple high-speed media protocols, the HSAutoLink II Interconnect System meets all these demands in one system.

  • Typical applications include in-vehicle infotainment, telematic devices, radio and navigation systems
  • Meets needs of advanced drive assist cameras, including 360-degree and rear view vision systems
  • Provides data rates in excess of 2.0 Gbps and the ability to support different communication networks or protocols
  • Available with six and 12 circuits providing flexibility for combined links or support for multiple protocols in the same connector
  • Supports USB 2.0, USB 3.0, LVDS, Ethernet AVB (Audio Visual Bridging), and modified HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort
  • Use of shielded twisted-pair (STP) or jacketed unshielded twisted pair (JUTP) cabling provides a range of options for high-speed differential signaling applications
  • Uses terminal interface designed for high pin-count signal applications requiring high reliability and high-speed signaling performance
  • Low contact insertion force (0.5N per circuit) is achieved through terminal design that gradually separates the receptacle contacts for high durability
  • Withstands up to 5,000 mating cycles with a standard gold plating finish
  • Two contact beams provide multiple current paths with minimal length, and low and stable contact resistance
  • Contact geometry and density promotes high bandwidth performance with a nominal data-rate measured between 3 to 4 GHz in a differential signaling environment
  •  Contact system provides current carrying capacity of 1.5Amps (continuous)
  • Fully-protected shield case for harness connector (sealed or unsealed) and closed shield case on the mating soldering side or in-line connection, provides superior EMI performance
  • Sealed connector system employs fully-protected perimeter seal and wire seal to meet harsh operating requirements according to IP69K
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