TURCK extreme-life 60 Cables

The extremelife-60 cables from TURCK are designed specifically for cold weather environments, remaining flexible down to -40 C.

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To answer the need for cables that can withstand the harshest cold-weather environments imaginable, TURCK has released a platform cable offering, extreme-life 60.
  • Features specially engineered proprietary cable jacket material
  • Remains flexible enough to work down to -40 C, and carry UL -60 C cold bend and UL/CSA -40 C cold impact listings, as well as an FT4 flame rating
  • Available in a wide variety of AWG sizes, constructions, conductor counts and cable jacket colors
  • Includes UV resistance, oil resistance and the proper approvals for use in hazardous locations
  • CIC approval from CSA makes these cables code compliant for NEC and CEC Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location applications
  • Carries Oil Res I and Oil Res II approvals and are UL listed for exposed run (ER)
  • Direct burial approval ensures passage of exacting crush and impact tests as metal clad cable, but without metal cladding
  • Flexible cable jacket will not break or crack when pulled or bent in extreme cold, and holds a UL/CSA listing and hazardous location rating

 Watch and learn more about TURCK's extreme-life 60 cables at www.oemoffhighway.com/12075651

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